Multi-award-winning global player

We have been developing high-quality and forward-looking product solutions for our customers for several years. Our comprehensive product and incentive solutions are just as diversified as our customer structure, which consists of startups, medium-sized companies and large corporations.

We have a large international network of manufacturers and distributors and, with our Corporate-Loyalty brand, are one of the leading providers of product and incentive solutions for freelancers in Europe and America.

Growth Champion 2023
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Targeted & Systematic

Recruiting & Freelancing

Conception as well as handling of various measures in the field of perosnal consulting as well as in strategic and conceptual expert and question support in the field of human resources.
Strategic recruitment approach aimed at identifying and attracting the best-suited individuals for key positions within organizations.
Executive Search
Benefit from our international presence and our diverse networks in relevant industries and functional areas in various regions of the world.
Freelancer Acquisition
In-depth network of freelancers with effective job placement to create a strong connection between employers and freelancers.


Igniting passion for innovation

Embark on a journey through the dynamic world of cutting-edge technologies - with TechTonic, the ultimate destination for all things innovative and inspriring.

At TechTonic, we're more than just an information portal – we're a gateway to the future. Our mission is to fuel your curiosity and ignite your passion for the remarkable advancements that shape our world. From artificial intelligence to renewable energy, from space exploration to biotechnology, we're your compass to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of innovation.

Global insights, inspiring narratives, future visionaries - connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to stay in touch with the latest technology.

TechTonic is set to launch in Q1 of 2024.
Efficient & Contemporary


Support for a proper company presentation outside common information sources. Our portfolio includes various cooperation opportunities to better present your company and to help inform new or existing customers about your company.

Track presence
Information channel
Direct & Indirect
Discover the future with VTRACE

Technology Research

Our technology research at VTRACE is the systematic exploration of cutting-edge advancements, including blockchain, use case monitoring, and new robotics.

Delving into blockchain technology involves understanding its decentralized, secure, and transparent nature, researching and keenly observing the practical applications of technologies or studying of new robotics focused on emerging automated systems – in this era of rapid innovation, technology research illuminates the potential of these game-changing fields, shaping a smarter, more connected future.

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology, we are deeply engaged in research to unlock its full potential.
Pin-pointed tracking of how blockchain transforms transactions, ensures transparency and mitigates fraud.
Neue Robotik
und AI
As automation and robotics revolutionize industries, we position ourselves at the forefront of this technological shift.

Corporate Loyalty

Loyalty platform

The satisfaction of your employees, internally as well as externally, is proven to affect the success of your business.

We offer in our closed advantage store as well as in close cooperation with well-known brands, exclusive offers - for up to 250,000 registered freelancers worldwide. You do not pay with money, but with points, so-called Loyalty Points, which can be exchanged for great products.
Solution oriented methods

Coaching support

Unlocking Your Full Potential

One on one coaching is a transformative and personalized approach to personal and professional growth. It is a powerful partnership between a coach and an individual, designed to unleash untapped potential and achieve desired goals.

Unlike traditional training or group workshops, one on one coaching offers a unique and tailored experience. The process begins by establishing a deep understanding of the individual's aspirations, strengths, and challenges. Through open and honest dialogue, the coach works hand-in-hand with the individual to identify obstacles and create a roadmap for success.

Empowering Organizations for Success

Corporate coaching is a strategic investment that drives organizational success by fostering the growth and development of employees and leaders. It is a powerful tool that empowers individuals and teams to maximize their potential, enhance performance, and achieve collective goals.

In the dynamic and competitive landscape of the corporate world, organizations are realizing that their most valuable asset is their people. Corporate coaching focuses on harnessing the talents of employees, aligning them with the company's vision, and optimizing their skills to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving business environment.

Navigating Success in the Face of Complexity

Project coaching is a dynamic and results-driven approach to guiding teams and individuals through the intricacies of project management. It is a collaborative process that empowers project leaders and team members with the necessary skills, strategies, and support to overcome challenges and achieve project objectives with excellence.

Projects, by nature, can be complex endeavors with various moving parts, tight deadlines, and changing requirements. Project coaching recognizes these complexities and provides a structured framework to optimize project execution.